Blending Process

The product comes from different sources; with different standards, hence we bring it to our well-equipped unit, in order to make corrections, suiting our standards and suitable to our customers. The Company is equipped with the know-how and the will to produce the required material. Marketing of the product is suitably possible since we have so many Industries in our country, using furnaces.The company adopts the Niche strategy for product and marketing functions. In Today‘s market; Product Availability and Product Requirement Prevails, but these two aspects does not meet ends. The company desires and decides to make and provide required material to the need as per the requirement.

Requirement will be attended individually and the products will be provided as per the requirement of the customer without permitting slight compromises.

The product is tested and corrections made where required; the sulphur content is corrected to the required levels, the acidity corrections done, by ammonia water treatment for neutralization. There after heat treatment is given under vacuum, which ensures proper dehydration and also corrects; precense of excess metallic interference and water. We ensure to bring the product to our requirement. Also we blend with required fuel fractions to correct the calorific values, based on the density factor and only then it is released to the market. The necessitous to be satisfied, is our principle.